Thursday, 12 June 2014

Auscultadores inquebráveis ~ Kid-proof "headFoams"

It’s no longer unusual for kids to own a range of devices from tablets to smartphones to dedicated gaming consoles, and we’ve already seen tough, “kid-proof” tablets designed specifically to keep the very young safe and entertained. Of course, this recent boom in tech for the young means there’s also demand for third party add-ons designed for that same market. Enter MarBlue, and the world’s first flexible foam headphones which can withstand bending, squashing, dropping and just about anything else a kid can throw at them.
The headphones — or HeadFoams as they’re being branded — are made from a single piece of BPA-free EVA foam. This means they are completely shatter proof and can withstand some serious punishment, including twisting, while the electronics are safely cushioned inside. With further consideration for their young market, the HeadFoams have a limiter which caps sound levels at 85 decibels to protect developing ears. Designed for ages three and up, the flexible headphones also come with soft snap on extension pads for especially small heads. Available in blue, orange and purple, the HeadFoams retail for USD 39.99.
With tablets becoming more commonplace among younger audiences, what other products or services could be built to accommodate demand surrounding these products?
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