Friday, 15 November 2013

Equipamento em forma de abelha para injeções ~ Bee-shaped device takes the sting out of injections

Shots aren’t an enjoyable thing to experience, and unhappy or tense patients make the job more difficult for the doctor. Designed to distract them from the pain of injections, Buzzy is a bee-shaped device that uses ice and vibrations to calm both kids and adults receiving shots.
Created by pediatrician and pain researcher Dr Amy Baxter, the Buzzy can be strapped around or simply placed near to the location of the jab. The device contains a vibrating motor in the body of the bee, while its wings are made of ice packs. It works because the combination of cold temperature and rapid movement confuses the body’s nervous system to reduce the effect of sharp pain. According to tests carried out by Baxter, the Buzzy can reduce pain by around 50 percent for children, and 80 percent for adults. Not only does it work for injections, but could prove useful for splinter removal or dentistry work.
Much like the MEDi — the USD 15,000 robot that distracts kids from traumatic health checks — the Buzzy has already been adopted at hospitals in the US and UK, and can be ordered for home use from USD 39.95. Are there other methods for calming young patients?
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