Sunday, 10 March 2013

Relógio de pulso inteligente para surdos ~Smart wristwatch alerts the hard of hearing to sounds around them

South Korea-based Moneual has created the SCS1000 wristwatch, which could help those who are hard of hearing become more aware of their surroundings.

We’ve already written about Watch2Pay‘s wearable payment device, and there are rumors currently suggesting that Apple is potentially developing its own smart watch. South Korea-based Moneual, meanwhile, has created the SCS1000 wristwatch, which could help those who are hard of hearing become more aware of their surroundings by providing alerts.
Showcased at the 2013 CES recently, the Smart Care System device is able to identify different noises being made in the vicinity of the wearer. When it detects a sound that needs to be responded to – whether a car horn, doorbell, oven timer or crying baby – the watch vibrates and displays a message on the screen. The device could help make the lives of the deaf easier, while also helping them remain safe in potentially dangerous situations. Indeed, it also features an emergency function, which sends out a request to relevant services. The video below from DeafTechNews (presented in sign language) shows the SCS1000 in action:
The company has built a prototype that runs on the Android 4 operating system, although no information about when it will be available or how much it will cost has been released. How else can wearable technology aid those less able?
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