Thursday, 24 January 2013

Esculturas com folha de alumínio ~ Figure sculptures of tin foil

To begin we started rolling a wooden skewer in a piece of tin foil, to give a little structure and support to the figure. We left a couple of inches of foil at one end without the stick in it so that it could later be folded to create a head. Cakie was able to do this by herself and my role was just to give help with the tape and instructions where needed.

Next she folded over the top to create the base for a head, then we tore another couple of small pieces of foil and wrapped those around to bulk it up. Using 4 longer strips, she then folded them over to create the arms and legs. We looked at how Giacometti elongated the limbs and made them as long as possible. She turned out the feet and hands herself and then we simply stuck them to the torso using tape.

When she had finished the first one she immediately wanted to make another one so they could be friends! The second figure turned out to be a ballerina queen and she wanted to show her dancing and moving. This was a lovely opportunity to talk about how we move our limbs when dancing and Cakie showed me some of her ballet poses that she has learned and we were able to replicate those in her figure thanks to the parts being so flexible and easy to reposition! A great little lesson in anatomy and movement. I absolutely adore the resulting figure that she made!
I suggested sticking another skewer into the bottom part of the sculptures so that she cold hold and move them securely while playing, but these are not essential and don't add anything aesthetically to the overall look of the art work!
She then played with them and turned them into a king and queen who wanted to dance at a ball and fell in love with each other. I love the idea of interactive, story-telling art work SO much more than untouchable art behind a rope or glass in a gallery!
 And here they are lying side by side together.

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